Our tagline is meeting you at the intersection of statistics and storytelling, and this is exemplified in our approach to every project. Program impact often seems intangible, and the use of data can clarify which efforts/programs/initiatives work well and what makes them effective. We apply a rigorous approach to data collection, analysis and interpretation. But, we also spotlight personal stories and dig into the details of what’s actually happening, because it’s the corresponding stories and framing narratives that humanize statistics, draw people in, and prompt action. This unique combination of expertise – monitoring, evaluation, data collection and analysis, along with compelling communication, creative design and data visualization – is what sets us apart and allows us to truly merge statistics with storytelling to meet client goals.

Our approach is to tailor services based on existing goals. Choose what you want to outsource, whether it's doing a needs assessment, developing an evaluation plan, writing a grant proposal, or establishing a social media strategy.



Sloan Gingg, MPH, Principal & Founder

Sloan Gingg, MPH, brings a unique combination of expertise in marketing communications and program evaluation. She began her career in marketing at a national nonprofit before completing a Master’s in Public Health (MPH). After graduate studies, Sloan worked for an Austin-based, behavior-change advertising firm as a strategist, specializing in market analysis and data-driven communications campaigns. Sloan is skilled in evaluation design and synthesizing research results into comprehensible reports. Sloan lives and works in Durango, Colorado, where she began her nonprofit consulting practice, Unclouded Communications, in 2015. Sloan brings a passion for rural economic development and minimizing disparities to every project.


Michelle Maurer, DrPH, Senior Consultant

Michelle Maurer, DrPH, has over a decade of experience and training in public health. Her motivation to pursue a career in public health was to minimize health disparities with a focus on vulnerable populations, especially low-income families and children. She has worked in a variety of fields including food access, dietary behavior, physical activity, environmental protection, tobacco control, and health communication, for a variety of entities including local and federal health agencies, hospitals, university health education and research centers, and private and nonprofit organizations. Michelle received her Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) from the University of Texas School of Public Health and her Master’s in Public Health (MPH) from UCLA . Michelle brings passion and meticulous attention to detail to every project and is excited by opportunities to further her mission towards achieving public health for all.


Lauren Savage, Contributing Consultant

Lauren Savage specializes in brand communications, from website development and graphic design to targeted advertising and social media management. Lauren began writing at a young age and studied journalism in high school and at university, where she graduated with honors. Lauren earned a BA in Environmental Journalism, a degree with tracts in creative writing, environmental activism and outdoor education. Lauren grew up in Durango and returned in 2014 to follow her passion for the outdoors and use it as inspiration for creative writing. Lauren is skilled in identifying target audiences and tailoring messaging appropriately to achieve results, like building advocacy for local issues and promoting health behaviors in the community. Lauren has made a conscious effort to integrate herself and her work into the local community and seeks to find and tell stories that promote local nonprofits and enhance community well-being.