Evaluation is imperative to effective programming, and demonstrating effectiveness is essential to securing funding. We'll work with you to share the story the data are telling.

We define measurable outcomes and design and implement data collection tools tailored to your needs. We will help with initial program planning or generate an evaluation for existing programs. Planning and Evaluation services include:

  • Clarifying program goals and outlining program methods

  • Establishing specific, measurable outcomes

  • Developing a program logic model

  • Creating data collection tools and training staff for ongoing use

  • Data analysis (STATA statistical analysis software)

  • Comprehensive reporting on evaluation results to showcase success and recommendations for improvement

  • Translation of results into actionable next steps and an easy-to-understand report for stakeholders, board members, and/or grantors.

  • Telling your story: combination of data and design to demonstrate results in an engaging and comprehensible way

We use behavior-change theory to predict program components that will accomplish your goals efficiently and effectively. Monitoring and evaluating program processes and outcomes is important to ensure program fidelity and impact. We’ll create sustainable evaluation tools and train you and your staff in measurement processes to continually track progress and appropriately tweak programs.